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The concept of classical biological control is very simple. Exotic (non-native) weeds are responsible for the vast majority of the range weed problems in North America. When foreign weeds are introduced, they come without the successful co-evolved enemies that are present in their native ranges. Without these natural checks present, the weeds are able to out-compete native vegetation. Introducing biological control agents can restore the natural checks and balances that control exotic weeds in their native habitats.

Easy to collect and move around–call for free tips and advice!

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Insects marked with a net are easy to move around–call for free tips and advice!


This catalog features the widest selection of insects currently available. We are continuously working to include new products as they become available. If you want to know more about a weed or insect, including ones not featured in this catalog, please give us a call or Download IWC Catalog.

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Noxious Weeds

Canada Thistle

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Leafy Spurge

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Purple Loosestrife

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Poison Hemlock

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St. Johnswort

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Common Mullein

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