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Call us for monitoring pictures and techniques to help you with assessment of establishment and success. We can help you determine if it is time to collect and move insects from your newly established insectary.

Biological Control Assessment and Monitoring Services

Through thousands of hours of fieldwork, we have gained extensive experience and insight into the design of effective assessment and monitoring programs. We are able to work with you remotely to discuss strategies for assessment and monitoring and how those strategies have assisted others. We will provide advice as to how those activities might be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Global Positioning System (GPS)
Geographic Information System (GIS)
Digital Imagery

GPS data collection, GIS technology, and digital imagery are typically used to provide accurate assessment, mapping, and monitoring of weed control activities. We can advise you on how to customize these tools to a level of sophistication that will best suit your individual situation.
Through digital imagery technology, we are able to provide monitoring and assessment services remotely. In past field seasons, this has been very valuable to our busy clients. Answers to your questions about the presence, effectiveness, and population density of biocontrols can be obtained quickly and conveniently.

Tips and Advice:

We have provided many hours of education by conducting workshops in all areas of weed control, monitoring, and management. These varied from short presentations to multi-day clinics combining lecture, demonstration, field instruction, and facilitated planning. We have conducted workshops for Federal, State, and private clients. Though we no longer offer on-site training, we are willing to share the benefits of this knowledge with you by advising you remotely on your specific noxious weed issues.

We will work closely with you to make the release process as efficient as possible. We will provide any consulting advice that you may require regarding the release, establishment, monitoring, and redistribution of these biocontrols as a service included with the purchase of the insects, and even if you have not purchased insects from us.

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