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We recommend the stem mining weevil Mecinus janthiniformis/janthinus as the foundation for a toadflax control program (cited as “the most effective single control agent available”). We believe a combination of all available species is the best approach, but the flower insects have been widely distributed and are well established. Call us to be sure you don’t already have them.


Dalmatian Toadflax Stem Boring Weevil

Mecinus janthiniformis : This insect is causing dramatic declines in Dalmatian toadflax density, often very quickly by biocontrol standards. Experts are saying that this is one of the most effective biological control agents available for any weed—a must-have for any Dalmatian toadflax program. $100 per release

$125 per release

Yellow Toadflax Stem Boring Weevil

Mecinus janthinus : This insect is the species for yellow toadflax. We collect from separate insectaries for this agent. Clients have indicated establishment in lower, as well as higher elevation toadflax infestations. We have limited numbers of this insect available. Call to discuss your specific sites.

$125 per release

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