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Please call us 1-888-319-1632 or email us to order

  1. We unconditionally guarantee that your insects will arrive in good health and will be ready to thrive in their new location (UPS and FedEx delays and damages are beyond our control).
  2. We have the best commercial prices anywhere. We will not be undersold. If you can find a better price offered, we will match or beat that price for any insect we carry. Additional incentives or discounts are available for large orders.
  3. We are the only company to offer long-term assistance: Advice and tips regarding the release, establishment, monitoring, and future redistribution of our insects is included with the purchase of the insects–a service available at any time with no additional charge.
  4. We will work on your terms. Within the constraints of each insect, we will collect and ship to fit your needs. Your successful biocontrol program is important to us.
  5. We are here to help you get the most out of your investment. Information and advice are always free. Let’s talk.

The successful establishment of introduced insects depends upon biological and environmental conditions beyond our control. We will provide you with information to help ensure the best possible outcome. However, we make no warranty about eventual establishment or degree of control obtained.

Shipping & Ordering

Ordering insects is as easy as calling the toll-free number: 1-888-319-1632.

All insects are available during specific time periods, depending on their own life cycles. Since we fill our orders on a first-ordered first-served basis, it pays to order as soon as possible, especially for some insects with limited availability. Additional incentives or discounts are available for large orders.

All orders are shipped by overnight delivery and all shipments are coordinated with the customer prior to shipping so that you know they are coming. All insects are packaged in breathable containers in well insulated packaging. Packages are kept cool with frozen cold packs. We do not charge for our packaging.

We do not require prepayment. We enclose an invoice in each box as we ship. You can mail a check back after you have released your insects to begin working at your site.

Shipping charges are in addition to the price of the insects. BE AWARE THAT OVERNIGHT RATES ARE QUITE HIGH. At your request, we will provide shipping quotes for your location.

A Note About Permits

All of the organisms we sell are regulated. Federal regulations require permits for any interstate transport and release of weed feeding organisms. State level approval is also required. The person responsible for securing permits is the person who receives and releases an organism — our customers. For your convenience, we secure all required permits for our customers, as well as supply regulators with required follow-up information. Since it usually takes weeks to months to secure a permit, there is not time to do it after you have already received your insects. Some, but not all vendors provide this service. Be aware of your obligations.

Why Use Insects to Control Noxious Weeds?

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