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Weeds / Insects Quantity Price Type of Damage Availability
Canada thistle
Urophora cardui 105 $100.00 Stem gall fly June-July
Ceutorhynchus litura  105 $150.00 Stem and crown mining weevil Aug-Oct
Leafy Spurge
Aphthona mix (4-5 spp.) 1200+ $175.00   Root mining beetles June-July/Aug
Oberea erythrocephala 105 $150.00 Stem mining and girdling beetle June-July/Aug
Spurgia esulae 50 galls $100.00 Gall forming midge June-July/Aug
Larinus minutus/obtusus 105 $100.00 Seed head weevil June-Sep
Cyphocleonus achates  105 $125.00 Root boring weevil July-Sep
Poison Hemlock
Agonopterix alstroemeriana 150+ $125.00 Defoliating moth  June-July
Dalmatian and Yellow Toadflax
Mecinus janthinus 105 $100.00 Stem mining weevil May-June
Saint Johnswort
Chrysolina quadrigemina 105 $100.00 Foliage feeding beetle June-Sep
Aplocera plagiata 105 $125.00 Leaf eating moth  June-Sep
Common Mullein
Gymnetron tetrum 105 $100.00 Seed eating weevil May-July
Purple Loosestrife
Galerucella calmariensis 105 $100.00 Defoliating beetle May

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